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Tea Tree Facial Sheet Mask
A purifying facial sheet mask that provides deep moisture & brightening properties. Infused with Tea Tree Oil, this sheet mask reduces the appearance of redness and skin irritation while revitalizing a fatigued complexion. Use it to help reduce signs of...
Vitamin C Facial Sheet Mask
Take a moment for yourself, when your skin needs some simple TLC. A super-refreshing Vitamin C Facial Mask that takes the dullness away from your skin. This  Vitamin C facial mask provides a radiant complexion and helps to reduce melanin...
Pomegranate Facial Sheet Mask
The Pomegranate Facial Mask brightens, lightens, and enhances. Packed with antioxidants, pomegranate extracts renew and rejuvenate for radiant, fresh, and balanced skin. Your complexion will be even and smooth. Why You'll Love It? This mask is an easy way to...
Cucumber Facial Sheet Mask
Cucumber Facial Mask soothes, softens, and improves the complexion. Cucumbers contain antioxidants to help fight wrinkles and damaged skin while helping to retain moisture for softer, supple skin. Leaving your face hydrated and rejuvenated. Includes one sheet per pack.
Avocado Facial Sheet Mask
This Avocado Facial Mask regenerates your skin cells and revitalizes your skin to a glowing radiance. Avocado Face Mask contains fatty acids and vitamins to nourish the skin deeply and balance as it soothes and refreshes dry or sensitive skin....
Charcoal Facial Sheet Mask
Give your skin a deep clean with our Charcoal Facial Mask. This activated charcoal sheet mask is designed to purify and refine skin, absorb impurities and toxins, smooth skin, and minimize pores. Go from dull to radiant, instantly! Includes one...
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