Privacy Policy

Below is the Privacy Policy in effect from Amina Beauty. Any reference to “Amina”, “we”, “us” “its” or “our” refers to the Amina Beauty entity.

By accessing the Amina Beauty website you are agreeing to the privacy policy, terms, conditions, rules, and regulations set by Amina Beauty. We reserve the right to change the privacy policy, terms, and conditions at any time without notice.

All applicable laws and regulations are applied upon accessing the Amina Beauty website. Accessing the Amina Beauty website means you are agreeing to these terms.

If you do not agree with this privacy policy, terms and conditions then you are restricted from fully accessing the Amina Beauty website. All materials displayed on the Amina Beauty website are protected under copyright and trademark laws.

Use of Cookies

Amina Beauty and its third-party partners reserve the right to the use of cookies. This is a digital tracker that collects information about a user’s visit to the website. Cookies are information that any website transfers over to your computer’s hard drive. Cookies save your personal information so that a person doesn’t have to re-enter your personal information. 

Cookies are used to track a person’s information, purchase and or visit so that Amina Beauty can create a personalized experience for the user. Every purchase is required to have cookies on.

Restricting or blocking cookies on the Amina Beauty website may prevent accurate purchases from being made. Cookies are needed to fulfill an order. This digital tracker also provides visitors with a personalized visit so that products better suited for them are displayed.

Collecting & Sharing of Personal Information

Amina Beauty and its third-party partners may collect, share and track personal information regarding a person’s visit.

Collecting and sharing personal information allows us to create a personalized experience for Amina Beauty customers. Specific products, services and advertisements may be used to target specific demographics to better serve our customers. Amina Beauty adheres to all state and national laws regarding a customer's personal information.

The collecting and sharing process may begin when a person signs up for advertising emails from Amina Beauty or purchases a product from the website. Personal financial information may be shared as well to complete a transaction and order for a customer.

Collecting and sharing of personal information are necessary for all transactions and orders. Without it then it is impossible to fulfill product purchases.

Adhering To State & National Laws To Private Data

Amina Beauty is in accordance with existing state and national laws regarding the collecting, sharing, selling and gathering of personal information.

Any further questions regarding your personal data can be directed to our support team.

Securing Your Personal Information

Your personal information is safe on the Amina Beauty website. We have security measures in place to protect customers’ personal information.

We acknowledge that some third-party websites may link or source original material from Amina Beauty. However, this does not mean they are partners, sponsors or are affiliated with Amina Beauty. We do not take any responsibility and accountability for the content on said website. User discretion is advised. Use their website at your own risk.

Amina Beauty and its third-party partners are not responsible for any data breaches, financial damages, and personal info leaks resulting from a cyber attack of any kind.

Updates & Changes To Privacy Policy

Amina Beauty reserves the right to edit, change or make revisions to its privacy policy anytime without notice to its users.

Our Privacy Policy may be changed as it relates to Amina Beauty’s current values and laws regarding personal privacy.

Any questions regarding our privacy policy may be directed to our support team.

Amina Beauty is dedicated to helping its customers find their inner beauty with every product we provide.


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