Terms of Service

Below are the Terms of Service from Amina Beauty. Any mention to “we”, “us”, “Amina”, or “our” is in reference to the Amina Beauty brand and entity. “Client”, “You” and “Your” refers to you, or the person on the Amina Beauty website. 

By accessing, using and shopping at the Amina Beauty website you are agreeing to our terms of service. 


Amina Beauty prohibits the unauthorized use of copying and sharing of the Amina Beauty logo or cosmetic products. Unless stated, all pictures, logos, images and products displayed on the Amina Beauty website are the intellectual property of Amina Beauty.

Any unauthorized use of the Amina Beauty logo or products will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Amina Beauty does not condone malicious sharing of the Amina Beauty logo, products and entity.

You may access the Amina Beauty intellectual property for your own personal use but are subject to restrictions under these terms and conditions:

  • Prohibited from modifying or copying materials.
  • Prohibited from selling, renting or sub-licensing materials or products from Amina Beauty.
  • Prohibited from using any material for commercial use or gain.
  • Prohibited from reproducing, redistributing, duplicating or copying material or products.

Payment Terms

All sales are final!

Amina Beauty may or may not accept returns and issue refunds only if items are damaged during transit. To receive a refund you must first email info@amina.beauty within 7 days of receiving your products to alert us of the damage, then return the damaged item to us. Upon receipt of the damaged item we will ship out a replacement, if available. If replacement is not available we will refund the full purchase price of the item.

All billing & shipping information on Amina Beauty’s website is secured to protect your information. Amina Beauty is not responsible for any fraudulent charges that may or may not be charged towards your banking information.

Terms of Agreement

Amina Beauty may or may not be hyperlinked from third-party websites. We are responsible for the content of that website. Amina Beauty is not responsible for any damages, breach of information or costs related to using said third-party website and or our website. User discretion is advised.

Amina Beauty may change the terms of service at any time and without notice. Accessing, shopping and visiting the Amina Beauty website means you are agreeing to these terms. Not agreeing to our terms of service means you are restricted from accessing the Amina Beauty website.

Beauty Product Disclaimer

Amina Beauty acknowledges that some products or materials may have technical, typographical, photographic or material errors. We do not warrant that the materials or products displayed are accurate, complete, or current.

We are not responsible for any serious illness, death, allergic reactions or diseases related to the use of Amina Beauty products. The use of our products for minors is only suggested after the approval from the parent/guarding and the minor’s doctor.

None of the products from Amina Beauty should be taken as medical treatment or medical advice. Any questions regarding our ingredients and their effect on your health should be discussed with your primary care doctor.

Privacy Policy

Amina Beauty may or may not work with third-party companies. We may or may not grant access to your personal information to third parties. Working with third parties allows us to better serve our customers. 

Every visit to the Amina Beauty website allows us to create a personalized user experience for customers. Certain features, ads and images may be targeted to better serve customers.

We acknowledge the importance of our customer’s privacy. Amina Beauty ensures security, confidentiality and privacy on behalf of our customers.

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