Why Were Fake Lashes Invented?

Why Were Fake Lashes Invented?

Most people don’t realize that fake lashes have a long history. Fake lashes have been around since the early 1900s. Like most beauty trends it all started with Hollywood. However, we should be grateful fake lashes were invented and that we don’t have to sit through gluing tiny hairs to our lashes as they did in 1899. So let’s get into why fake lashes were originally invented giving us the opportunity to have them!

The Original Fake Lashes Trend

Women in the late 1800s would be semi gruesome and would have lashes implanted into their eyelids. Ancient Rome also had its versions of fake lashes meaning both men and women would wear fake lashes. The Romans did not know that the adhesive they used to put them on their eyes was keeping them from getting very common eye infections at the time. The real reason why fake lashes were invented is still a question that no one can really answer. Some say it was to protect one’s eyes from the sun, some say it was to make one’s eyes look larger than normal. Either way, we now get the benefit of them!

Modern Fake Lashes Made A Staple

1916 is when fake lashes really became a trend. A Hollywood director D.W. Griffith was creating a film with actress Seena Owen. He took one look at her in a Babylonian costume and reportedly wanted her eyelashes to be “supernatural” and practically brushed her cheeks. Director Griffith then has the film’s wigmaker glue lashes to Owen’s eyelids using spirit gum, very different from today’s lash glue. In the 1930s fashion magazines gave fake lashes the stamp of approval which led the way to the 1940s and 1950s embracing the big fake lashes. The majority of fake lashes were no longer made of human hair or fabric but durable thin plastic, which is what they wanted at the time. In the 70s and 80s fake lashes took a break from being a popular beauty trend. By the time the 90s were back so were the fake lashes.

2000’s Fake Lashes Get Fancy And Mainstream

Wearing false eyelashes was never a new trend, just one that comes and goes. However, during the 2000s is when fake lashes got very expensive. These lashes now are used in many different ways. They can be used for medical reasons, cosmetic reasons, or even as a form of art. It’s very normal to see fake lashes literally everywhere. The trick is the quality of lashes you can get. Today, it is rather normal to have a pair of fake lashes that are made of human hair, these are typically more luxurious lashes and be used more than other pairs of lashes. Our Faux Mink Lashes are of the highest quality out there. Fake lashes are a staple with many people who wear makeup and lucky for us they are no longer painful to use and usually will not give anyone an allergic reaction like back in the day. Today fake lashes are some of the most common makeup to wear especially on a day-to-day basis when one doesn’t necessarily want to wear full makeup. They can be applied in a few seconds and they will not leave a mess on your eyes after removal. Fake lashes can be used with latex-free lash glue that will usually come in a small bottle resembling liquid eyeliner and regular lash glue that typically comes in a small tube.
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