Must have makeup products for beginners

Must Have Make up products for beginnersEveryone has to begin somewhere. When starting a makeup and skincare routine at the beginning can be an exciting yet daunting experience. With the help of an adult in their life, a young lady who is starting to wear makeup can experience the joy of expressing herself. 

Products, products, and more products

When beginning to do your makeup you want to make sure you’re using quality products and that those products are good for your skin. With makeup products comes makeup remover. You can’t have one without the other. 

Face care for beginners

Most of the time when young girls start to wear makeup is when the acne comes also because young girls do not know how to clean their faces properly after wearing makeup all day. You want to make sure that young people have adequate face care products. A facial cleanser, makeup remover cloths, and an acne preventer facial soap will usually do the trick. Face masks work well for keeping your skin healthy.

Face primer for beginners

The best face primer for beginners is a hands-down primer from Amina beauty. It is extremely lightweight and oil-free making it very easy on sensitive skin and the least likely to create any kind of allergic reaction. Makeup products such as face primer allow the makeup not to go directly on the skin. 

Mascara for beginners

When first using mascara you don’t want to start with waterproof mascara as it tenders to be harder to take off with makeup remover, it’s best to start with a mascara that is subtle, that elongates but doesn’t necessarily add a ton of volume at the beginning of wearing makeup. Any kind of Amina Beauty mascara will work perfectly, specifically Nabi Mascara. Nabi mascara is the perfect mascara for beginners because it is not heavy mascara. 

Eyeliner for beginners

When it comes to makeup products eyeliner is probably the most daunting product one can start to use because you are literally drawing on your eye. Now when you put it like that it seems fully terrifying. However, eyeliner for beginners isn’t as scary as it sounds especially when you use eyeliner pencil so the eyeliner doesn’t get into the eyes of a first-time user. Liquid eyeliner may be easier to use for anyone who has been doing makeup for a little while.

Foundation for beginners

The best foundation for beginners would have to be the Nabi Foundation from Amina Beauty. The Nabi foundation is great for beginners because it is not a cakey foundation. It is just the right balance of thick but creamy. You want to make sure that when a beginner is putting on a foundation they have the appropriate tools to use with it. A beauty blender will probably be the easiest for a beginner to use because it’s a literal sponge. A beauty blender is also more hygienic for a beginner's skin needs and does not need to be cleaned as frequently as a normal brush especially when it comes with its own case. 

Lip products for beginners

The first kind of makeup products anyone will use will be lip products, whether it’s lip balm, lipstick, or lip gloss. Most beginners will enjoy using lip gloss before anything else because it can make their lips look shiny and cute. Lip products are there to keep your lips smooth and moisturized. It’s especially important for beginners to use lip products in the winter because that is when one’s lips tend to be chapped and can crack creating a less than comfortable feeling. Amina Beauty has the best lip products available to the Las Vegas community so go online or in-store today to check them out!

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